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RE: PR 2670: Removing an old, unused NetApp plug-in


There's a NetApp Jar in the nodist which is related I think - be nice to get rid of that too.

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From: Tutkowski, Mike <Mike.Tutkowski@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent: 23 May 2018 19:53
To: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: PR 2670: Removing an old, unused NetApp plug-in

Hi everyone,

I opened the following PR today:


There is an old, what we believe to be unused, NetApp plug-in in the CloudStack codebase that I’d like to remove.

I’m sending this e-mail out for the following reasons:

1)       To see if, by chance, anyone is actually using this plug-in.

2)       To direct any potential code reviewers to this PR, where I have placed a couple questions about my commit.

To be absolutely clear here, this has nothing to do with any of the SolidFire plug-ins (only an old NetApp plug-in that hasn’t been updated in years and is probably not being used by anyone).