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XenServer vhd snapshot chains broken

Hey guys,

We're seeing that in 4.9.3 + XenServer 6.5 when we create a volume snapshot, the child snapshot is not linked to the parent (within the vhd)

[root@SBLabNestedNFS tmp]# cd /acs/secondary/ref-trl-434-x-cs49-pangus/ref-trl-434-x-cs49-pangus-sec1/snapshots/2/3
[root@SBLabNestedNFS 3]# /opt/vhd-util/vhd-util.sh scan ./*
vhd=c4c6bf4e-e436-47c1-a4a1-dc18b2138d1e.vhd capacity=21474836480 size=1767191040 hidden=0 parent=none
vhd=e0e929ea-e795-4fb5-be0c-da8e6fe4b785.vhd capacity=21474836480 size=27357696 hidden=0 parent=none

when creating a template from that snapshot we only pick up the child without the parent.

[root@SBLabNestedNFS 202]# /opt/vhd-util/vhd-util.sh scan ./*
vhd=e7cb0eeb-e517-4095-ba3e-6f18a864df1b.vhd capacity=21474836480 size=27357696 hidden=0 parent=none

Does anyone know how to update the child snapshot to have the parent vhd in it's header?
(is that possible)

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