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RE: - Error to Register ISO in All Zones

Hi Dag.

Cloudmonkey not have "zoneids" parameter

[root@acs01 ~]# cloudmonkey 
☁ Apache CloudStack  cloudmonkey 5.3.3. Type help or ? to list commands.
(local)  > help register iso
(registerIso) Registers an existing ISO into the CloudStack Cloud.
Required params are displaytext url zoneid name
account = (string) an optional account name. Must be used with domainId.
ostypeid = (uuid) the ID of the OS type that best represents the OS of this ISO. If the ISO is bootable this parameter needs to be passed
displaytext = (string) the display text of the ISO. This is usually used for display purposes.
bootable = (boolean) true if this ISO is bootable. If not passed explicitly its assumed to be true
domainid = (uuid) an optional domainId. If the account parameter is used, domainId must also be used.
url = (string) the URL to where the ISO is currently being hosted
imagestoreuuid = (string) Image store UUID
directdownload = (boolean) true if ISO should bypass Secondary Storage and be downloaded to Primary Storage on deployment
zoneid = (uuid) the ID of the zone you wish to register the ISO to.
ispublic = (boolean) true if you want to register the ISO to be publicly available to all users, false otherwise.
projectid = (uuid) Register ISO for the project
isfeatured = (boolean) true if you want this ISO to be featured
isdynamicallyscalable = (boolean) true if ISO contains XS/VMWare tools inorder to support dynamic scaling of VM CPU/memory
checksum = (string) the checksum value of this ISO. The parameter containing the checksum will be considered a MD5sum if it is not prefixed
 and just a plain ascii/utf8 representation of a hexadecimal string. If it is required to
 use another algorithm the hexadecimal string is to be prefixed with a string of the form,
 "{<algorithm>}", not including the double quotes. In this <algorithm> is the exact string
 representing the java supported algorithm, i.e. MD5 or SHA-256. Note that java does not
 contain an algorithm called SHA256 or one called sha-256, only SHA-256.
name = (string) the name of the ISO
isextractable = (boolean) true if the ISO or its derivatives are extractable; default is false

(local)  > register iso 
account=                directdownload=         filter=                 isextractable=          name=                   url=
bootable=               displaytext=            imagestoreuuid=         isfeatured=             ostypeid=               zoneid=
checksum=               domainid=               isdynamicallyscalable=  ispublic=               projectid=              


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Hi Marcelo,

One thing I noticed - if you check http://cloudstack.apache.org/api/apidocs-4.11/apis/registerTemplate.html there is a difference between “zoneid” and “zoneids”, the latter taking the -1 option. That doesn’t explain your GUI issue, but may explain your CloudMonkey run failure? 

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Cloud Architect

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    Problem to register ISO in all zones

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