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Re: Committee to Sort through CCC Presentation Submissions

Thanks for the feedback, Will!

I agree with the approach you outlined.

Thanks for being so involved in the process! Let’s chat with Giles once he’s back to see if we can get your questions answered.

> On Mar 31, 2018, at 10:14 PM, Will Stevens <wstevens@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In the past the committee was chosen as a relatively small group in order
> to make it easier to manage feedback.  In order to make it fair to everyone
> in the community, I would suggest that instead of doing it with a small
> group, we do it out in the open on a scheduled call.
> We will have to get a list of the talks that are CloudStack specific from
> ApacheCon, but that should be possible.
> Once we have the talks selected, then a smaller number of us can work on
> setting up the actual ordering and the details.
> I have been quite involved so far.  Giles and I have been organizing the
> sponsors, website and dealing with ApacheCon so far.  Obviously, Mike is
> also working on this as well.
> I think we are headed in the right direction on this.
> Cheers,
> Will
> On Mar 31, 2018 11:49 PM, "Tutkowski, Mike" <Mike.Tutkowski@xxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> I am definitely open to working this however makes the most sense.
> It looks like Will’s e-mail indicates that the process I suggested has been
> followed in the past (which is how I recall, as well).
> Let’s make sure I understood Will correctly.
> Will – Are you, in fact, indicating that what I was suggesting is how we
> have reviewed the CFP in the past? If so, are you able to address Ron’s
> concerns?
> Also, Will – I am not sure about a hackathon. Let’s chat with Giles once
> he’s back from vacation since he’s been the most involved with organizing
> the CloudStack track within ApacheCon.
> Thanks!
> Mike
> On 3/31/18, 9:00 PM, "Ron Wheeler" <rwheeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>    I am not sure about your concern in that case.
>    I am not sure why people not interested in Cloudstack would volunteer as
>    reviewers and want to pick bad presentations.
>    I would be more worried that there are not enough good presentations
>    proposed rather than some meritorious presentation will get rejected due
>    to "outsiders" voting it down in favour of less useful presentations.
>    It may be tricky to get balance if that means taking "bad" proposals
>    that can not be fixed that cover topics that are in areas that are not
>    otherwise covered at the expense of great presentations that are in
>    areas with many choices.
>    We should wait to see how many presentations have to be rejected and the
>    number of reviewers before getting too exercised over the loyalty of
>    reviewers.
>    Getting more reviewers is likely the most effective way to see that a
>    wider range of topics is covered.
>    Ron
>>    On 31/03/2018 7:15 PM, Tutkowski, Mike wrote:
>> Hi Ron,
>> From what I understand, the CloudStack proposals will be mixed in
> with all of the ApacheCon proposals.
>> In the past when I’ve participated in these CloudStack panels to
> review proposals, we had to compare each proposal against the others to
> arrive at a balance of topics (i.e. not all networking focused, not all
> XenServer focused, etc.) and to suggest improvements for proposals that we
> did not accept for other reasons.
>> From what I understand (but Giles can comment further on this), we
> have a track at ApacheCon and will need to fill it with X number of
> presentations. To do this, it seems like a CloudStack-focused panel would
> be a good approach, but I am definitely open to another approach. We don’t
> want to exclude anyone (in or out of the CloudStack Community) who might
> like to provide input. Anyone who is interested would, of course, be free
> to join us in combing through the proposals.
>> We don’t need to get started on this right away. The CFP just closed
> yesterday. Let’s wait for feedback from Giles (who is currently on
> vacation) and go from there.
>> Thanks!
>> Mike
>> On 3/31/18, 6:59 AM, "Ron Wheeler" <rwheeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>     Is this a real concern?
>>     Why would a large number of Apache contributors who are not
> interested
>>     in Cloudstack (enough to outvote those "part of the Cloudstack
>>     community") get involved as reviewers
>>     Reviewing involves some commitment of time so I am hard pressed
> to guess
>>     why some Apache contributor would volunteer to do the work in
> order to
>>     veto a presentation that they have not yet seen or have no
> interest in
>>     seeing.
>>     Are we guaranteed a fixed number of hours of presentations or is
> the
>>     review process part of the allocation of overall time?
>>     On what basis can some group veto a presentation?
>>     That would seem to be a very strong action and I would hope that
> it
>>     requires a strong reason.
>>     OTOH if a large??? number of Apache contributors (regardless of
> their
>>     affiliation) say that a presentation has serious issues or very
> limited
>>     interest, that would seem to be a red flag that the presentation
>>     requires improvement or needs to be dropped in favour of another
>>     Cloudstack presentation, if it can not be fixed.
>>     We should also be aware that this is an opportunity to "market"
>>     Cloudstack to the broader Apache community.
>>     Outside reviewers might have valuable input into how
> presentations can
>>     attract new adopters or be clearer to the broader DevOps
> community.
>>     We also need to remember that we do have an active community and
> other
>>     opportunities during the year to present presentations that do
> not get
>>     selected for this conference.
>>     If their is a real fear that a lot of "outsiders" are going to
> disrupt
>>     the review process, a more reasonable response would seem to be
> to get
>>     more reviewers from the community.
>>     I have volunteered already.
>>     Ron
>>>     On 30/03/2018 11:11 PM, Tutkowski, Mike wrote:
>>> Hi Rafael,
>>> It’s a little bit tricky in our particular situation. Allow me
> to explain:
>>> As you are likely aware, the CloudStack Collaboration
> Conference will be held as a track in the larger ApacheCon conference in
> Montreal this coming September.
>>> It is true, as you say, that anyone who wishes to do so can
> contribute to reviewing the CFP for ApacheCon.
>>> What is a bit of a concern, however, is that we might get
> certain CloudStack CFP proposals vetoed by people who are not, per se, a
> part of our community.
>>> That being the case, I have contacted the organizers for
> ApacheCon to see if there is some way we can section off the CloudStack CFP
> from the larger ApacheCon CFP for review purposes.
>>> Assuming we can do this, the panel that I am proposing here
> would handle this review task.
>>> I hope that helps clarify the situation.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Mike
>>> On 3/30/18, 8:38 AM, "Rafael Weingärtner" <
> rafaelweingartner@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>     Are we going to have a separated review process?
>>>     I thought anybody could go here [1] and apply for a
> reviewer position and
>>>     start reviewing. Well, that is what I did. I have already
> reviewed some
>>>     CloudStack proposals (of course I did not review mines).
> After asking to
>>>     review presentations, Rich has giving me access to the
> system. I thought
>>>     everybody interest in helping was going to do the same.
>>>     [1]
> https://cfp.apachecon.com/conference.html?apachecon-north-america-2018
>>>     On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 4:05 AM, Swen - swen.io <
> me@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Hi Mike,
>>>> congrats!
>>>> I can help sort through presentations.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Swen
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>>>> Von: Tutkowski, Mike [mailto:Mike.Tutkowski@xxxxxxxxxx]
>>>> Gesendet: Dienstag, 27. März 2018 21:40
>>>> An: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
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>>>> Betreff: Committee to Sort through CCC Presentation
> Submissions
>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>> As you may be aware, this coming September in Montreal,
> the CloudStack
>>>> Community will be hosting the CloudStack Collaboration
> Conference:
>>>> http://ca.cloudstackcollab.org/
>>>> Even though the event is six months away, we are on a
> tight schedule with
>>>> regards to the Call For Participation (CFP):
>>>> https://www.apachecon.com/acna18/schedule.html
>>>> If you are interested in submitting a talk, please do
> so before March 30th.
>>>> That being said, as usual, we will have need of a small
> committee to sort
>>>> through these presentation submissions.
>>>> If you are interested in helping out in this process,
> please reply to this
>>>> message.
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Mike
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