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Re: cloudstack Wikipedia page

Can someone update the important technical sections  - Key Features, Supported Hypervisors and Bare Metal Hosts.
It looks like Cloudstack stopped being worked on in 2012.

Can these sections be replaced by a link to the correct CloudStack wiki pages so we do not have to keep updating this info?

The user list may also need updating or changed to a reference to to a page that is kept up to date.

I suspect that the history section captures too many details. There seems to be too much about the shift to Apache and whole process of incubation. Perhaps this process was very exciting and fresh when it was written but looking back from today, perhaps it is less important. Dropping one or 2 ideas and adding some more recent events might make sense

Is it true that Citrix has ceased involvement as it says?

Perhaps there are other companies that have made a significant investment in Cloudstack more recently that deserve mention.

Is it worth mentioning that there is an active community with specific reference to community meetings and events?


On 09/01/2018 5:58 AM, Daan Hoogland wrote:
just anonymously removed it, Giles

On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 11:21 AM, Giles Sirett <giles.sirett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Somebody has made an edit to the cloudstack wikipedia entry


In essence, they have changed the start of the history section to give a
history of the cloud.com domain name. I do not think that is either
relevant or appropriate to the history of cloudstack itself

Has anybody here got experience in editing on Wikipedia and able to
object/change this edit ?

I'm happy to take this task on, but have no experience in the process,
policies, etc

Kind regards

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