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Re: Cassandra 2.1 bootstrap - No streaming progress from one node


+1 with Sean above.
In Cassandra 2.2 you got the new 'nodetool resume' command to resume a bootstrap. For C*2.1, nothing equivalent sadly. Thus old school technics apply and the possible alternatives are

Option 1 - safe and slow- Stop Cassandra from the stuck joining node. Remove everything (comitlog/data), restart bootstrap, mentioned by Sean above.
Option 2 - More wild / hopefully quicker - Stop the joining node and start it with 'auto_bootstrap: false'. The node joins with missing data, that you can repair after. Yet this can be done without inconsistencies only using a strong consistency (CL.R+CL.W > RF). This node will be read from but is then not enough to induce a stale read.

Unless you're confident or have a huge amount of data and most of it made it to the new node already, I would stick with the option 1, safe and slow (and upgrade soon ;-))

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Le mer. 7 nov. 2018 à 19:22, Durity, Sean R <SEAN_R_DURITY@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

I would wipe the new node and bootstrap again. I do not know of any way to resume the streaming that was previously in progress.



Sean Durity

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Cassandra 2.1 bootstrap - No streaming progress from one node




while bootstrapping a new node into an existing cluster, a node which is acting as source for streaming got restarted unfortunately. Since then, from nodetool netstats I don’t see any progress for this particular node anymore.





        Receiving 94 files, 260.09 GB total. Already received 26 files, 69.33 GB total


Basically, it is stuck at 69.33GB for hours. Is Cassandra (2.1 in our case) not doing any resume here, in case there have been e.g. connectivity troubles or in our case, Cassandra on the node acting as stream source got restarted?


Can I force the joining node to recover connection to X.X.X.X or do I need to restart the bootstrap via restart on the new node from scratch?





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