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Re: Nodejs connector high latency

Hi Tarun,

There are a ton of factors that can impact query performance.

The cassandra native protocol supports multiple simultaneous requests per connection.  Most drivers by default only create one connection to each C* host in the local data center.  That being said, that shouldn't be a problem, particularly if you are only executing 20 concurrent requests, this is something both driver clients and C* handles well.  The driver does do some write batching to reduce the amount of system calls, but I'm reasonably confident this is not an issue.

It may be worth enabling client logging to see if that shines any light.   You can also enable tracing on your requests by specifying traceQuery as a query option (example) to see if the delay is caused by C*-side processing.

Also keep in mind that all user code in node.js is handled in a single thread.  If you have callbacks tied to your responses that do non-trivial work, that can delay subsequent requests from being processed, which may give impression that some queries are slow.


On Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 8:59 AM Tarun Chabarwal <tarunchabarwal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I used cassandra driver provided by datastax (3.5.0) library in nodejs. I've 5 nodes cluster. I'm writing to a table with quorum.

I observed that there is some spike in write. In ~20 writes, 2-5 writes are taking longer(~200ms). I debugged one of the node process with strace and found that longer latencies are batched and they use same fd to connect to cassandra. This may be the multiplexing.

Why it takes that long ?
Where should I look to resolve it?

Tarun Chabarwal