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nodetool listsnapshots

It seems that "nodetool listsnapshots" is unreliable?????

1. when issued, nodetool listsnapshots reports there are no snapshops.
2. when navigating through the filesystem, one can see clearly that there are snapshots
3. when issued, nodetool clearsnapshot removes them!

Some sanitized evidence below.

Is "nodetool listsnapshots" broken or it is user error?



[user@node]$ nodetool version
ReleaseVersion: 3.0.9
[]user@node$ nodetool listsnapshots
Snapshot Details:
There are no snapshots[user@node]$
[user@node]$ nodetool  tablestats -- keyspace.tablename
Keyspace: keyspace
    Read Count: 15
    Read Latency: 1.5469333333333335 ms.
    Write Count: 254
    Write Latency: 0.021818897637795275 ms.
    Pending Flushes: 0
        Table: tablename
        SSTable count: 0
        Space used (live): 0
        Space used (total): 0
        Space used by snapshots (total): 0
$ du -s tablename-66cad240c8a411e89e9ad7bcfb03d529/*
0    tablename-66cad240c8a411e89e9ad7bcfb03d529/backups
714964    tablename-66cad240c8a411e89e9ad7bcfb03d529/snapshots