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Re: Aggregation of Set Data Type

I was able to make this work using the following UDF/UDA:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION agg_set_func(state tuple<int, set<bigint>>, val set<bigint>) CALLED ON NULL INPUT RETURNS tuple<int, set<bigint>> LANGUAGE java AS 
    if (val == null) {
    return state;
    Set<Long> s = state.getSet(1, Long.class);
    state.setSet(1, s);
return state;

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION agg_set_func_final(state tuple<int, set<bigint>>) CALLED ON NULL INPUT RETURNS set<bigint> LANGUAGE java AS 
    return state.getSet(1, Long.class);

CREATE AGGREGATE agg_set(set<bigint>) 
SFUNC agg_set_func
STYPE tuple<int, set<bigint>>
FINALFUNC agg_set_func_final
INITCOND (0,{});

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 3:55 PM Joseph Wonesh <joseph.wonesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thank you for your reply. I actually found your blog post regarding this topic and browsed through it, but it did not yield the answer I was looking for. In fact, it seems impossible to do what I wish to do without defining a UDA for this specific use case -- something that is not practical to do when all of my queries use 'group by'.

For example, I ave a query like this:

select sum(a), avg(a), min(a), max(a), MY_UDF(my_set_column) from my_table group by a;

I would hope that using a UDF for my_set_column would allow me to combine all of the my_set_columns passed in via group by, but I cannot pass state to the UDF. A UDA can accept state, but that would require me rewriting the whole query to be:

select MY_UDA(a, my_set_column) from my_table;

Additionally, I would need a separate UDA for each of the different group by clauses. Is there no way around this? I would really like to be able to simply add a data column of type set<bigint> and then get all of the unique members in this set across an aggregation. 

On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 1:44 PM DuyHai Doan <doanduyhai@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You will need to use user defined aggregates for this 

Le 23 oct. 2018 16:46, "Joseph Wonesh" <joseph.wonesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
Hello all,

 I am trying to aggregate rows which each contain a column of Set<BIGINT>. I would like the result to contain the sum of all sets, where null would be equivalent to the empty set. I expected a query like: "select sum(my_set_column) from my_table group by my_key_column" to do this, but the set type is not supported by this aggregate. Does anyone know of a way to aggregate this using existing cassandra built-ins? Thanks!

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This message is private and confidential. If you have received message in error, please notify us and remove from your system.