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Re: Cassandra: Inconsistent data on reads (LOCAL_QUORUM)


> Here's a bit more information:
> -Few rows in this column family can grow quite wide (> 100K columns)
> -But we keep seeing this behavior most frequently with rows with just 1 or two columns . The typical behavior is: Machine A adds a new row and a column. 30-60 seconds later Machine B tries to read this row. It doesn't find the row. So the application retries within 500ms. This time it finds the row.

You wrote a lot of useful info in your original post, sorry I missed
it in my first reply.
Only thing there that stands out, apart from short reads that Jeff's
already pointed out, is the use of `speculative_retry='ALWAYS'`. Has
there topology changes in your cluster recently?

Next step would be to try and repeat it with tracing.


Mick Semb Wever

The Last Pickle
Apache Cassandra Consulting

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