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[ANNOUNCE] StratIO's Lucene plugin fork

Hi all,

We've had confirmation from Stratio that they are no longer maintaining their Lucene plugin for Apache Cassandra. We've thus decided to fork the plugin to continue maintaining it. At this stage we won't be making any additions to the plugin in the short term unless absolutely necessary, and as 4.0 nears we'll begin making it compatible with the new major release. We plan on taking the existing PR's and issues from the Stratio repository and getting them merged/resolved, however this likely won't happen until early next year. Having said that, we welcome all contributions and will dedicate time to reviewing bugs in the current versions if people lodge them and can help.

I'll note that this is new ground for us, we don't have much existing knowledge of the plugin but are determined to learn. If anyone out there has established knowledge about the plugin we'd be grateful for any assistance!

At the moment, the only difference is that there is a 3.11.3 branch which just has some minor changes to dependencies to better support 3.11.3.