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Re: Upgrade to version 3


It seems that you could face a data loss while upgrading to Cassandra 3.11.3. Apparently, it is still somewhat unsafe to upgrade Cassandra to C*3, even if you use the latest C*3.0.17/3.11.3. According to Blake who reported and worked on the fix:

[...], which will lead to duplicate start bounds being emitted, and incorrect dropping of rows in some cases

It's a bug that was recently fixed and that should be soon released, I hope.

I imagine that a lot of people did this upgrade already, it might be just fine for you as well. Yet you might want to explore this issue and maybe consider to wait for this patch to be released to reduce the risks (or apply this patch yourself).

Alain Rodriguez - alain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
France / Spain

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Le jeu. 18 oct. 2018 à 12:31, Anup Shirolkar <anup.shirolkar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Yes you can upgrade from 2.2 to 3.11.3

The steps for upgrade are there on lots of blogs and sites.

 You can follow: 

You should read the NEWS.txt for information on any release while planning for upgrade.

Please see below mail archive for your case of 2.2 to 3.x :


Anup Shirolkar

On Thu, 18 Oct 2018 at 09:30, Mun Dega <mundega97@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If we are upgrading from version 2.2 to 3.x, should we go directly to latest version 3.11.3?

Anything we need to look out for?  If anyone can point to an upgrade process that would be great!