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Re: Upgraded to 3.0.17, stop here or move forward?

Thank you Anup,

Yup, the upgradesstables is a step I generally take before (to make sure I'm on the latest version) and after to make sure I'm updating to the latest sstable version supported by the version. I know it's redundant and not necessary but I read it does not hurt.

I am looking into those aggregations to solve a simple use case where data cardinality should be limited in volume. That is find min, max, avg for some events over a limited time span in past. We are working on pre-processed data pre-aggregated into buckets. The cardinality should be below 6K records in the wors case. Any comments? Are there any better approach that not involve moving data into another sotrage/index?


On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 1:30 AM Anup Shirolkar <anup.shirolkar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes it makes sense to move to 3.11.3
The release has features and bug fixes which should be useful to your cluster.

However, if you are planning to use GROUP_BY, UDFs etc. 
Please be cautious about the performance implications it may cause if not done with suitable queries.

 I am not aware of any specific doc to perform the upgrade.
But, the steps you are following for upgrades looks fine.

I think the `upgradesstables` step is not in correct place in upgrade sequence. 
I think upgrade sequence should be:

- snapshot
- drain and stop
- backup configs
- install new release
- review config updates (patch existing config)
- start Cassandra

Not to forget: Perform upgrade on one node at a time.


Anup Shirolkar


On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 at 00:30, Riccardo Ferrari <ferrarir@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi list,

We recently upgraded our small cluster to the latest 3.0.17. Everything was nice and smooth, however I am wondering if ti make sense to keep moving forward and upgarde to the latest 3.11.3?

We really need something like the GROUP_BY and UFF/UDA seems limited wrt our use-case.

Does it make sense?
Any argument against?
Is there any doc to prepare such upgrade?
My current workflow was very easy:
- snapshot
- upgradesstables
- drain and stop
- backup configs
- install new release
- review config updates (patch existing config)
- start