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Re: C* in multiple AWS AZ's

Parallel load is the best approach and then switch your Data access code to only access the new hardware. After you verify that there are no local read / writes on the OLD dc and that the updates are only via Gossip, then go ahead and change the replication factor on the key space to have zero replicas in the old DC. Then you can decommissioned.

This way you are hundred percent sure that you aren’t missing any new data. No need for a DC to DC repair but a repair is always healthy.

On Jun 28, 2018, 9:15 AM -0500, Randy Lynn <rlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, wrote:
Already running with Ec2.

My original thought was a new DC parallel to the current, and then decommission the other DC.

Also my data load is small right now.. I know small is relative term.. each node is carrying about 6GB..

So given the data size, would you go with parallel DC or let the new AZ carry a heavy load until the others are migrated over?
and then I think "repair" to cleanup the replications?

On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 10:09 AM, Rahul Singh <rahul.xavier.singh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You don’t have to use EC2 snitch on AWS but if you have already started with it , it may put a node in a different DC.

If your data density won’t be ridiculous You could add 3 to different DC/ Region and then sync up. After the new DC is operational you can remove one at a time on the old DC and at the same time add to the new one.

On Jun 28, 2018, 9:03 AM -0500, Randy Lynn <rlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, wrote:
I have a 6-node cluster I'm migrating to the new i3 types.
But at the same time I want to migrate to a different AZ.

What happens if I do the "running node replace method" with 1 node at a time moving to the new AZ. Meaning, I'll have temporarily;

5 nodes in AZ 1c
1 new node in AZ 1e.

I'll wash-rinse-repeat till all 6 are on the new machine type and in the new AZ.

Any thoughts about whether this gets weird with the Ec2Snitch and a RF 3?


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