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Re: Network throughput requirements

Among the hosts in a cluster?  It depends on how much data you're trying to read and write.  In general, you're going to want a lot more bandwidth among hosts in the cluster than you have external-facing.  Otherwise things like repairs and bootstrapping new nodes can get slow/difficult.  To put it in perspective, by default it's configured to use up to 200Mbps output streaming traffic per source node (which might mean a multiple of that incoming to one node in some cases).

What specifically are you trying to size?  If it's NICs on the hosts, 1Gbps will be OK for low load but a bit of a bottleneck for higher-traffic clusters.  10Gbps will probably be more than Cassandra can saturate even with some tuning.  Or are you trying to size an overall LAN?  Same general idea, but be aware that the traffic sort of comes in "waves" with repairs and bootstrapping.  Or are you planning on having geographically spread nodes within a cluster and want to know how big of a WAN link you need?  Putting those in separate logical "datacenters" with multiple replicas per DC will give you more options in terms of limiting inter-DC traffic.

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What is the general network throughput (mb/s) requirement for Cassandra?


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