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Re: Thrift to CQL migration under new Keyspace or Cluster

For while only in local machine, but we will do it in test environment.

2018-06-25 16:15 GMT+08:00 dinesh.joshi@xxxxxxxxx.INVALID <dinesh.joshi@xxxxxxxxx.invalid>:
If you're working in a different keyspace, I don't anticipate any issues. Have you attempted one in a test cluster? :)


On Friday, June 22, 2018, 1:26:56 AM PDT, Fernando Neves <fernando1neves@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi guys,
We are running one of our Cassandra cluster under 2.0.17 Thrift version and we started the 2.0.17 CQL migration plan through CQLSSTableWriter/sstableloader method.

Simple question, maybe someone worked in similar scenario, is there any problem to do the migration under the same Cassandra instances (nodes) but in different keyspace (ks_thrift to ks_cql) or should we create another 2.0.17 cluster to do this work?
I know that new keyspace will require more host resources but it will be more simple for us, because once the table migrated we will drop it on the old ks_thrift keyspace.