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Added a new node, now what repair is best?

Hi list,

After long time  of operation we come to the need of growing our cluster. This cluster was born on 2.X and almos 2 years ago migrated to 3.0.6 ( I know we are bit prudent )

The cluster was a 3 m1.xlarge (we are on AWS) and table RF was 3

Thanks to your valuable hints we added a new node in the same AZ that joined flawlessy after making sure the streaming_socket_timeout_in_ms was high enough.

I was used to run:
  • nodetool repair -pr (on each node and alterante days)

Q1: Should I keep it that way or should I run some "nodetool repair -full" on all the nodes the first time ?

Reading today's documentation (http://cassandra.apache.org/doc/latest/operating/repair.html) it's not really clear to me what should be the best practice. Any pointer is much appreciated