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Re: Migrating to Reaper: Switching From Incremental to Reaper's Full Subrange Repair

Not strictly necessary but probably a good idea as you don't want two separate pools of SSTables unnecessarily. Also if you've set "only_purge_repaired_tombstones" you'll need to turn that off.

On Wed., 13 Jun. 2018, 23:06 Fd Habash, <fmhabash@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

For those who are using Reaper …


Currently, I'm run repairs using crontab/nodetool using 'repair -pr' on 2.2.8 which defaults to incremental. If I migrate to Reaper, do I have to mark sstables as un-repaired first? Also, out of the box, does Reaper run full parallel repair? If yes, is it not going to cause over-streaming since we are repairing ranges multiple times?


Thank you