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Re: Restoring snapshot

Verify dc name and replication factor in create keyspace command in new cluster.

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Dear Community,


I took a snapshot from a node which was part of a 2 node cluster. There were 2 keyspaces in that cluster K1 and K2. I took snapshot of K1 only. Now I create both keyspaces in some other cluster having only one node. When I tried to restore the snapshot(of keyspace K1) in that cluster using sstableloader, I got a warning:


“WARN  11:55:48,921 Error while computing token map for keyspace K2 with datacenter dc1: could not achieve replication factor 2 (found 1 replicas only), check your keyspace replication settings.”


Like I’ve said above, the new cluster contains only one node, therefore I can understand the portion of the warning telling me that ‘it only found 1 replicas only’, but why is it computing token map for keyspace K2 when I was restoring sstables of keyspace K1? Also, the same warning(regarding only K2) is displayed whether I try to restore snapshot of K1 or K2.  Although, I’m able to get the complete data, but I would appreciate if someone can explain this observations.


Cassandra version: 3.11.2


Thanks and regards,

Vishal Sharma

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