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High disk io read load

Hi there,

Following situation in cluster with 10 nodes:
Node A's disk read IO is ~20 times higher than the read load of node B.
The nodes are exactly the same except:
- Node A has 512 tokens and Node B 256. So it has double the load (data).
- Node A also has 2 SSDs, Node B only 1 SSD (according to load)

Node A has roughly 460GB, Node B 260GB total disk usage.
Both nodes have 128GB RAM and 40 cores.

Of course I assumed that Node A does more reads because cache / load ratio is worse but a factor of 20 makes me very sceptic.

Of course Node A has a much higher and less predictable latency due to the wait states.

Has anybody experienced similar situations?
Any hints how to analyze or optimize this - I mean 128GB cache for 460GB payload is not that few. I am pretty sure that not the whole dataset of 460GB is "hot".

Benjamin Roth

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