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Fwd: IoT at the ASF -- ApacheCon and Project DOAPs [was: Does your project play in the IoT space?]

The first Apache IoT mini-con is happening this year at ApacheCon, Miami!!


The following is a snipped from Roman Shaponshnik on the dev@community list, perfectly describes the spirit of the mini-con:

"The whole premise of the track will be "Not your gramps IoT" which means that unlike IoT events that grew out of the embedded industry we're talking a very holistic, system view on IoT. Our hope is that Apache IoT will be a meeting place for next generation IoT 2.0 built by developer, for developers under the Apache Way governance model.

ASF's breadth starts making a lot of sense when you consider what kind of technology is needed to build an end-to-end user experience in IoT 2.0: you start at the edge, you consider the gateways, go to a data center and end up on a client mobile device. All technology providers are now realizing that the key to success is allowing developers unprecedented ease of management and deployment of their business logic all throughout these layers. Just look at what Amazon is doing with Lambda on the edge (Amazon's Greengrass)!

The good news is that at ASF we've got all the building blocks available to us in various communities. So regardless of whether you're an Apache Mynewt (incubating) developer working on the far fringes of the edge, or you are a Apache Brooklyn developer automating microservices provisioning or you're plumbing data streams with Kafka, NiFi or Geode or you're analyzing that data with Hadoop or you're a Tomcat or httpd guru facilitating the end-user experience -- we all have pieces to contribute to the IoT 2.0 puzzle."

I apologize for the mass email (and if you got this multiple times) however, the Call for Submissions closes February 11th.  All of the communities copied have something of significance to contribute to IoT, and the list is not exhaustive- please feel free to forward to any who might be interested. 

Thanks and see you in Miami!

Trevor Grant
Data Scientist

"Fortunate is he, who is able to know the causes of things."  -Virgil