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Is it possible to have a column which can hold any data type (for inserting as json)



                I have a json data as shown below.















To store the above json to Cassandra, I defined a table as shown below


create table data


      id int primary key,

      address text,

      datatype text,

      name text,

      attributes map < text, text >,

      category text,

      value text,

      "timestamp" timestamp,

      quality text



When I try to insert the data as JSON I got the error : Error decoding JSON value for value: Expected a UTF-8 string, but got a Double: 1.390692. The message is clear that a double value cannot be inserted to text column. The real issue is that the value can be of any data type, so the schema cannot be predefined. Is there a way to create a column which can hold value of any data type. (I don’t want to hold the entire json as string. My preferred way is to define a schema.)