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Request to review feature-freeze proposed tickets


We still have 15 Patch Available/ open tickets which were requested for
reviews before the Sep 1, 2018 freeze. I am starting this email thread to
resurface and request a review of community tickets as most of these
tickets address vital correctness, performance, and usability bugs that
help avoid critical production issues. I tried to provide context on why we
feel these tickets are important to get into 4.0. If you would like to
discuss the technical details of a particular ticket, let's try to do that
in JIRA.

CASSANDRA-14525: Cluster enters an inconsistent state after bootstrap
failures. (Correctness bug, Production impact, Ready to Commit)

CASSANDRA-14459: DES sends requests to the wrong nodes routinely. (SLA
breaking latencies, Production impact, Review in progress)

CASSANDRA-14303 and CASSANDRA-14557: Currently production 3.0+ clusters
cannot be rebuilt after node failure due to 3.0’s introduction of the
system_auth keyspace with rf of 1. These tickets both fix the regression
introduced in 3.0 by letting operators configure rf=3 and prevent future
outages (Usability bug, Production impact, Patch Available).

CASSANDRA-14096: Cassandra 3.11.1 Repair Causes Out of Memory. We believe
this may also impact 3.0 (Title says it all, Production impact, Patch

CASSANDRA-10023: It is impossible to accurately determine local read/write
calls on C*. This patch allows users to detect when they are choosing
incorrect coordinators. (Usability bug (troubleshoot), Review in progress)

CASSANDRA-10789: There is no way to safely stop bad clients bringing down
C* nodes. This patch would give operators a very important tool to use
during production incidents to mitigate impact. (Usability bug, Production
Impact (recovery), Patch Available)

CASSANDRA-13010: No visibility into which disk is being compacted to.
(Usability bug, Production Impact (troubleshoot), Review in progress)

CASSANDRA-12783 - Break up large MV mutations to prevent OOMs (Title says
it all, Production Impact, Patch InProgress/ Awaiting Feedback)

CASSANDRA-14319 - nodetool rebuild from DC lets you pass invalid
datacenters (Usability bug, Production impact, Patch available)

CASSANDRA-13841 - Smarter nodetool rebuild. Kind of a bug but would be nice
to get it in 4.0. (Production Impact (recovery), Patch Available)

CASSANDRA-9452: Cleanup of old configuration, confusing to new C*
operators. (Cleanup, Patch Available)

CASSANDRA-14309: Hint window persistence across the record. This way hints
that are accumulated over a period of time when nodes are creating are less
likely to take down the entire cluster. (Potential Production Impact, Patch

CASSANDRA-14291: Bug from CASSANDRA-11163? (Usability Bug, Patch Available)

CASSANDRA-10540: RangeAware compaction. 256 vnode clusters really need this
to be able to do basic things like repair. The patch needs some rework
after transient replication (Production impact, needs contributor time)

URL for all the tickets: JIRA

Let me know.
Vinay Chella