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JIRA Reports in Confluence

Hi everyone,

I’ve created several new JIRA reports in Confluence organized under this top-level page:

These pages report open issues by Component and fix version. My aims in creating them are to:

– Represent what’s currently screened into each upcoming release milestone.
– Break releases down by component to assess health/outstanding work in each.
– Make it easier to identify what’s scoped where (and to gauge release size).
– Create pages that can be used as queues for screening and for patches awaiting review.

They may also help structure discussions on release scope and what’s in / what’s out. I’ve refrained from updating the “fix version” field on tickets this weekend, but hope that these pages can become useful toward doing so as a dev community. Additional JIRA grooming is needed before these can support scope / timeline discussions on a per-release basis (esp. getting all active and planned testing work represented) – but representing the current state of things seemed like a prerequisite.

The current reports are:

– 4.0: Open Issues by Component

– 4.0.x: Open Issues by Component

– 4.x: Open Issues by Component

– Open Issues by Component (Unscreened)

– Patch Available

If you’ve got cabin fever from poor air quality (or just really love screening bugs), I’d love help adding components to tickets on the "Open Issues by Component - Unscreened” page.


– Scott

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