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Re: 4.0 Testing Signup

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 11:04 AM Romain Hardouin <romainh_ml@xxxxxxxx.invalid>

> Hi,
> I'm volunteer to be contributor on Metrics or Tooling component. Are we
> supposed/allowed to edit Confluence page directly?Btw I think that tooling
> should be split, maybe one ticket per tool?

Awesome! Yes feel free to add yourself as a contributor to whichever
component you can contribute testing to (I think you need to make an Apache
confluence account to do so), if it isn't working let me know and I'll add
your contact information. Right now we don't have a shepherd for either
component yet but I think it's pretty reasonable to have a tracking ticket
that either has subtasks for each tool (e.g. CASSANDRA-14746) or just use
linking (e.g. CASSANDRA-14697). Just try to describe in the tickets what
kinds of tests you're running and make sure they're tagged with 4.0-QA
label if possible.

- Joey