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Re: [DISCUSS] changing default token behavior for 4.0

I agree that it should be lowered. What I’ve seen debated a bit in the past is the number but I don’t think anyone thinks that it should remain 256.

> On Sep 21, 2018, at 7:05 PM, Jonathan Haddad <jon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> One thing that's really, really bothered me for a while is how we default
> to 256 tokens still.  There's no experienced operator that leaves it as is
> at this point, meaning the only people using 256 are the poor folks that
> just got started using C*.  I've worked with over a hundred clusters in the
> last couple years, and I think I only worked with one that had lowered it
> to something else.
> I think it's time we changed the default to 4 (or 8, up for debate).
> To improve the behavior, we need to change a couple other things.  The
> allocate_tokens_for_keyspace setting is... odd.  It requires you have a
> keyspace already created, which doesn't help on new clusters.  What I'd
> like to do is add a new setting, allocate_tokens_for_rf, and set it to 3 by
> default.
> To handle clusters that are already using 256 tokens, we could prevent the
> new node from joining unless a -D flag is set to explicitly allow
> imbalanced tokens.
> We've agreed to a trunk freeze, but I feel like this is important enough
> (and pretty trivial) to do now.  I'd also personally characterize this as a
> bug fix since 256 is horribly broken when the cluster gets to any
> reasonable size, but maybe I'm alone there.
> I honestly can't think of a use case where random tokens is a good choice
> anymore, so I'd be fine / ecstatic with removing it completely and
> requiring either allocate_tokens_for_keyspace (for existing clusters)
> or allocate_tokens_for_rf
> to be set.
> Thoughts?  Objections?
> -- 
> Jon Haddad
> http://www.rustyrazorblade.com
> twitter: rustyrazorblade

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