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Re: NGCC 2018?

I am an organizer with a conference (GR8Conf US) here in Minneapolis I
would be happy to assist with organizing and we also have recording
equipment to support up to 3 tracks. We operate under a non profit already
if we need a legal entity.

If it is the bay area I we can't help much with space but we have contacts
here if there is any desire to have it in the midwest.


On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 at 4:25 PM Ben Bromhead <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The year has gotten away from us a little bit, but now is as good a time as
> any to put out a general call for interest in an NGCC this year.
> Last year Gary and Eric did an awesome job organizing it in San Antonio.
> This year it might be a good idea to do it in another city?
> We at Instaclustr are happy to sponsor/organize/run it, but ultimately this
> is a community event and we only want to do it if there is a strong desire
> to attend from the community and it meets the wider needs.
> Here are a few thoughts we have had in no particular order:
>    - I was thinking it might be worth doing it in SF/Bay Area around the
>    dates of distributed data day (14th of September) as I know a number of
>    folks will be in town for it.
>    - Typically NGCC has focused on being a single day, single track
>    conference with scheduled sessions and an unconference set of ad-hoc
> talks
>    at the end. It may make sense to change this up given the pending freeze
>    (maybe make this more like a commit/review fest)? Or keep it in the same
>    format but focus on the 4.0 work at hand.
>    - Any community members who want to get involved again in the more
>    organizational side of it (Gary, Eric)?
>    - Any other sponsors (doesn't have to be monetary, can be space,
>    resource etc) who want to get involved?
> If folks are generally happy with the end approach we'll post details as
> soon as possible (given its July right now)!
> Ben
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