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NGCC 2018?

The year has gotten away from us a little bit, but now is as good a time as
any to put out a general call for interest in an NGCC this year.

Last year Gary and Eric did an awesome job organizing it in San Antonio.
This year it might be a good idea to do it in another city?

We at Instaclustr are happy to sponsor/organize/run it, but ultimately this
is a community event and we only want to do it if there is a strong desire
to attend from the community and it meets the wider needs.

Here are a few thoughts we have had in no particular order:

   - I was thinking it might be worth doing it in SF/Bay Area around the
   dates of distributed data day (14th of September) as I know a number of
   folks will be in town for it.
   - Typically NGCC has focused on being a single day, single track
   conference with scheduled sessions and an unconference set of ad-hoc talks
   at the end. It may make sense to change this up given the pending freeze
   (maybe make this more like a commit/review fest)? Or keep it in the same
   format but focus on the 4.0 work at hand.
   - Any community members who want to get involved again in the more
   organizational side of it (Gary, Eric)?
   - Any other sponsors (doesn't have to be monetary, can be space,
   resource etc) who want to get involved?

If folks are generally happy with the end approach we'll post details as
soon as possible (given its July right now)!


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