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Re: Testing 4.0 Post-Freeze

+1 from me too.


On 10 July 2018 at 04:17:26, Mick Semb Wever (mck@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

> We have done all this for previous releases and we know it has not worked  
> well. So how giving it one more try is going to help here. Can someone  
> outline what will change for 4.0 which will make it more successful?  

I (again) agree with you Sankalp :-)  

Why not try something new?  
It's easier to discuss these things more genuinely after trying it out.  

One of the differences in the branching approaches: to feature-freeze on a 4.0 branch or on trunk; is who it is that has to then merge and work with multiple branches.  

Where that small but additional effort is placed I think becomes a signal to what the community values most: new features or stability.  

I think most folk would vote for stability, so why not give this approach a go and to learn from it.  
It also creates an incentive to make the feature-freeze period as short as possible, moving us towards an eventual goal of not needing to feature-freeze at all.  


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