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Re: Evolving the client protocol


You have to understand the poisonous GPL. It's very different from Apache licensing in the sense that, roughly speaking, you're welcome to contribute to Scylla, but legally barred from distributing it with or inside any product you base on it unless your product source code is also open or you contract with Scylla DB. The objections raised by some in this thread are based on the inequality of contribution in the two models

On 04/24/2018 09:30 AM, Eric Stevens wrote:
Let met just say that as an observer to this conversation -- and someone
who believes that compatibility, extensibility, and frankly competition
bring out the best in products -- I'm fairly surprised and disappointed
with the apparent hostility many community members have shown toward a
sincere attempt by another open source product to find common ground here.

Yes, Scylla has a competing OSS project (albeit under a different
license).  They also have a business built around it.  It's hard for me to
see that as dramatically different than the DataStax relationship to this
community.  Though I would love to be shown why.