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Re: Evolving the client protocol

> Let met just say that as an observer to this conversation -- and someone
> who believes that compatibility, extensibility, and frankly competition
> bring out the best in products -- I'm fairly surprised and disappointed
> with the apparent hostility many community members have shown toward a
> sincere attempt by another open source product to find common ground here.

I agree with you Eric. It's all understandable, but it did drop my spirit a bit.

I'd like to say thank you to both Avi and Dor for reaching out and making an honest attempt to collaborate.
We should, as open source contributors, put business concerns to the side and welcome opportunities to work across company and product lines. 

Grudges around undermining DataStax's efforts of course can't be ignored, they certainly carry weight, so airing them hopefully evolves us. And the clash of licenses is unfortunate, but a project is free to chose any license they want, the *GPLs are as valid as any other, and prejudices shouldn't be made about the intention behind choosing one over another. 

Repeating Nate's main point,  focusing first on CASSANDRA-14311 and CASSANDRA-2848 can help establish the offered goodwill. Hopefully from there if there's a rejection of protocol changes it's clearly out there that it's for technical reasons rather than ill will or commercial interests.


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