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Re: Evolving the client protocol

On 2018-04-19 10:19, kurt greaves wrote:
1. The protocol change is developed using the Cassandra process in a JIRA
ticket, culminating in a patch to doc/native_protocol*.spec when consensus
is achieved.
I don't think forking would be desirable (for anyone) so this seems the
most reasonable to me. For 1 and 2 it certainly makes sense but can't say I
know enough about sharding to comment on 3 - seems to me like it could be
locking in a design before anyone truly knows what sharding in C* looks
like. But hopefully I'm wrong and there are devs out there that have
already thought that through.

Too bad you missed your flight or you'd have seen my NGCC presentation about all the mistakes we made when developing the sharding algorithm.

Do we have driver authors who wish to support both projects?

Surely, but I imagine it would be a minority.

Why is that?

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