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Re: Evolving the client protocol

On 2018/04/19 07:19:27, kurt greaves <kurt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> >
> > 1. The protocol change is developed using the Cassandra process in a JIRA
> > ticket, culminating in a patch to doc/native_protocol*.spec when consensus
> > is achieved.
> I don't think forking would be desirable (for anyone) so this seems the
> most reasonable to me. For 1 and 2 it certainly makes sense but can't say I
> know enough about sharding to comment on 3 - seems to me like it could be
> locking in a design before anyone truly knows what sharding in C* looks
> like. But hopefully I'm wrong and there are devs out there that have
> already thought that through.

Thanks. That is our view and is great to hear.

About our proposal number 3: In my view, good protocol designs are future proof and flexible. We certainly don't want to propose a design that works just for Scylla, but would support reasonable implementations regardless of how they may look like.

> Do we have driver authors who wish to support both projects?
> Surely, but I imagine it would be a minority.
> ​

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