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Re: Roadmap for 4.0

> I also don't see a place for minor releases as they exist today. It seems
> like they are almost all the overhead of a major release with unnecessary
> restrictions on what is possible.

Yeah this, I've never heard of anything that we don't do in "minors", and
it seems to me that everyone treats the minors as majors (hell, we're doing
that here re 4.1). It seems to me that we should just have <major>.<patch>
versioning based on the way we treat minors.

Who can sign up for testing the alpha1. I know Ben has shown interest.

We can certainly do it, and we plan to do a lot of testing of 4.0, but I
doubt we'll have anything ready to properly test it by June 1st.
Another thing worth noting is dtests currently only partially run on
CircleCI and it seems to me that Apple is the only one that actually runs
them even there. It's going to take us a while to get the testing
environment in a state that covers all bases post-freeze, and it's a good
idea to have some commitment to doing that before we go ahead and freeze. I
agree there's little point freezing if we can't even test the system

Not to mention the total lack of any kind of standard performance testing