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Re: Repair scheduling tools

My two cents as a (relatively small) user.  I'm coming at this from the
ops/user side, so my apologies if some of these don't make sense based on a
more detailed understanding of the codebase:

Repair is definitely a major missing piece of Cassandra.  Integrated would
be easier, but a sidecar might be more flexible.  As an intermediate step
that works towards both options, does it make sense to start with
finer-grained tracking and reporting for subrange repairs?  That is, expose
a set of interfaces (both internally and via JMX) that give a scheduler
enough information to run subrange repairs across multiple keyspaces or
even non-overlapping ranges at the same time.  That lets people experiment
with and quickly/safely/easily iterate on different scheduling strategies
in the short term, and long-term those strategies can be integrated into a
built-in scheduler

On the subject of scheduling, I think adjusting parallelism/aggression with
a possible whitelist or blacklist would be a lot more useful than a "time
between repairs".  That is, if repairs run for a few hours then don't run
for a few (somewhat hard-to-predict) hours, I still have to size the
cluster for the load when the repairs are running.   The only reason I can
think of for an interval between repairs is to allow re-compaction from
repair anticompactions, and subrange repairs seem to eliminate this.  Even
if they didn't, a more direct method along the lines of "don't repair when
the compaction queue is too long" might make more sense.  Blacklisted
timeslots might be useful for avoiding peak time or batch jobs, but only if
they can be specified for consistent time-of-day intervals instead of
unpredictable lulls between repairs.

I really like the idea of automatically adjusting gc_grace_seconds based on
repair state.  The only_purge_repaired_tombstones option fixes this
elegantly for sequential/incremental repairs on STCS, but not for subrange
repairs or LCS (unless a scheduler gains the ability somehow to determine
that every subrange in an sstable has been repaired and mark it

On 2018/04/03 17:48:14, Blake Eggleston <b...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi dev@,>
>  >
> The question of the best way to schedule repairs came up on
CASSANDRA-14346, and I thought it would be good to bring up the idea of an
external tool on the dev list.>
>  >
> Cassandra lacks any sort of tools for automating routine tasks that are
required for running clusters, specifically repair. Regular repair is a
must for most clusters, like compaction. This means that, especially as far
as eventual consistency is concerned, Cassandra isn’t totally functional
out of the box. Operators either need to find a 3rd party solution or
implement one themselves. Adding this to Cassandra would make it easier to
>  >
> Is this something we should be doing? If so, what should it look like?>
>  >
> Personally, I feel like this is a pretty big gap in the project and would
like to see an out of process tool offered. Ideally, Cassandra would just
take care of itself, but writing a distributed repair scheduler that you
trust to run in production is a lot harder than writing a single process
management application that can failover.>
>  >
> Any thoughts on this?>
>  >
> Thanks,>
>  >
> Blake>