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Re: CommitLogSegmentManager verbose debug log

 It's changed to trace() in cassandra-3.0 with CASSANDRA-10241:https://github.com/pauloricardomg/cassandra/commit/3ef1b18fa76dce7cd65b73977fc30e51301f3fed#diff-d07279710c482983e537aed26df80400

In cassandra-3.11 (and trunk), it's changed back to debug() with CASSANDRA-10202:https://github.com/apache/cassandra/commit/e8907c16abcd84021a39cdaac79b609fcc64a43c#diff-85e13493c70723764c539dd222455979

The message is logged when a new commit-log is created, so it's not that verbose from my point of view. But I'm also fine to change it back to trace.
Here is a sample of debug.log while running cassandra-stress:https://gist.githubusercontent.com/cooldoger/12f507da9b41b232d8869bbcd2bfd02b/raw/241cd8f0639269966aa53e2b10cee613f8ed8cfe/gistfile1.txt

    On Thursday, March 29, 2018, 8:47:54 AM PDT, Nicolas Guyomar <nicolas.guyomar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:  
 Hi guys,

I'm trying to understand the meaning of the following log
in org.apache.cassandra.db.commitlog.CommitLogSegmentManager.java

logger.debug("No segments in reserve; creating a fresh one");

I feel like it could be remove, as it seems to be kind of a continuous task
of providing segment

Any thought on removing this log ? (my debug.log is quite full of it)

Thank you