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Re: A Simple List of New Major Features Desired for Apache Cassandra Version 4.0

Thank you, Kenneth, for listening to the PMC and for putting the discussion
in the correct list. I also appreciate your enthusiasm.

To address a few of your points from your previous emails in no particular

   - There is already a compiled list of features slated for 4.0, this list
   is simply a search using the following JQL on JIRA - `project =
   CASSANDRA AND fixVersion = 4.0 ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC`. By
   looking at this list, we can see fixes/patches/features that have been
   committed to trunk as well as tickets that are still in progress but
   someone at some point thought it was likely to land in 4.0
   - I appreciate a desire to create a bucket list of any and all desired
   features for 4.0, the reality is that this is an open source project driven
   by individual contributors and so what goes in 4.0 is largely up to those
   who do the work and put those features in.
   - Whilst it has been a long time since 3.0 was first released, the 3.x
   tick-tock experiment resulted in a large number of major releases in short
   succession and as such, I think most folks are simply recovering from that
   push + there is no longer a march to a vendors drum beat. Hence the slow
   down in major feature release and a focus on getting existing features more
   - The major release of 3.11 was only released at the end of June 2017
   and it has had 2 point releases in the meantime.
   - Whilst not having a consistent major release schedule can be
   frustrating for end users and product marketers, not having a stable
   database is far more maddening.
   - Having said that, there is a good body of both large and small changes
   that are in "done/resolved", "patch ready", "awaiting feedback" etc and
   slated for 4.0 which would be good to get out the door. While this is a
   matter of opinion I think it's about reaching a nice balance of having not
   too many changes making it a larger adoption risk and having enough time to
   work on some good things (e.g.
   https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-12229), such that it's
   actually worth working toward cutting a major release.
   - I'd respectfully disagree that we have a "basic collaboration
   challenge". This is primarily a community that communicates by gradually
   moving towards consensus (which takes time) and this thread is simply one
   of the many discussions and interactions that move towards consensus about
   4.0. If anything we are resource/people constrained, but that is true of
   all open source communities.

I've decided to respond on the previous thread, "Roadmap to 4.0"
(however just via the dev list where the discussion should live) with my
suggestions as I don't want to ignore both Kurt and Jeffs previous
contributions on this subject.

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 6:49 PM Kenneth Brotman
<kenbrotman@xxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

> Just list any desired new major features for 4.0 that you want added.  I
> will maintain a compiled list for all to see.  Don't worry about any steps
> beyond this.  Don't make any judgements about or make any comments at all
> about what others add.
> No judgments at this point.  This is a list of everyone's suggestions.  Add
> your suggestions for new major features you desire to be added for version
> 4.0 only. Keep it simple, not detailed yet.  That comes a few steps from
> now.  What we have is a basic collaboration challenge.  No problem.
> Kenneth Brotman
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