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Re: [DISCUSS] java 9 and the future of cassandra on the jdk

I think Michael is right. It would be impossible to make everyone follow
such a fast release scheme, and supporting it will be pressured onto the
various distributions, M$ and Apple.
On the other hand https://adoptopenjdk.net has already done a lot of the
work and it's already rumoured they may take up backporting of security/bug
fixes. I'd fully expect a lot of users to collaborate around this (or
similar), and there's no reason we couldn't do our part to contribute.

On Fri., 23 Mar. 2018, 09:37 Gerald Henriksen, <ghenriks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:04:16 -0500, you wrote:
> >Is OpenJDK really not addressing this at all? Is that because OpenJDK is
> >beholden to Oracle somehow?
> I suspect it is more a case of OpenJDK (as in the entitites other than
> Oracle that are members) haven't historically been involved in the
> providing of JRE/JDK to the public.  Oracle (previously Sun) handled
> that entirely and so there is no group outside of Oracle prepared (at
> least at this point in time) to do anything.
> >There is no looming deadline on this, is there?
> Less than a year.  Java 8 is currently scheduled to get dropped (as in
> no more updates) in January 2019 (the actual plan is 4 months after
> Java 11, so if 11 is late then that date will get changed).
> > Can we just let the dust
> >settle on this in the overall ecosystem to see what happens?
> Not a lot of time to organize an alternative if too much time is spent
> seeing if someone else does anything.
> I don't see Apple picking up supporting Java again on MacOS, I suppose
> Microsoft might be convinced to pick up Java for Windows if they felt
> it helped either Windows or Azure (on the other hand though this might
> convince a lot of organizations to move to the now multi-platform
> .Net).
> The question really becomes who sees it in their interest to come up
> with the money to support (either through OpenJDK or an outside group)
> the process of building and maintaining a free set of Java binaries.
> Unless someone steps up then the best anyone can do (at least in terms
> of no-cost use of Java) is to work around where we know there will be
> long term Java support, that being the Linux/BSD versions that provide
> long term support through the distribution.
> If that is the case, then it might be worth someone creating an
> informal group to discuss between the distributions and the software
> projects that rely on Java what version of Java to support.  If for
> example Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, etc. can't come to an
> informal agreement to all support the same version of Java we could in
> 5 years end up with Red Hat supporting X, Ubuntu X+1, Debian X-1, etc.
> with the result that the software have to try and pick and choose.
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