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Re: Optimizing queries for partition keys

Syvlain explained the problem in CASSANDRA-4536:
" Let me note that in CQL3 a row that have no live column don't exist, so
we can't really implement this with a range slice having an empty columns
list. Instead we should do a range slice with a full-row slice predicate
with a count of 1, to make sure we do have a live column before including
the partition key. "

By using ColumnFilter.selectionBuilder(); you do not select all the
columns. By consequence, some partitions might be returned while they
should not.

On Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 6:24 PM, Sam Klock <sklock@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Cassandra devs,
> We use workflows in some of our clusters (running 3.0.15) that involve
> "SELECT DISTINCT key FROM..."-style queries.  For some tables, we
> observed extremely poor performance under light load (i.e., a small
> number of rows per second and frequent timeouts), which we eventually
> traced to replicas shipping entire rows (which in some cases could store
> on the order of MBs of data) to service the query.  That surprised us
> (partly because 2.1 doesn't seem to behave this way), so we did some
> digging, and we eventually came up with a patch that modifies
> SelectStatement.java in the following way: if the selection in the query
> only includes the partition key, then when building a ColumnFilter for
> the query, use:
>     builder = ColumnFilter.selectionBuilder();
> instead of:
>     builder = ColumnFilter.allColumnsBuilder();
> to initialize the ColumnFilter.Builder in gatherQueriedColumns().  That
> seems to repair the performance regression, and it doesn't appear to
> break any functionality (based on the unit tests and some smoke tests we
> ran involving insertions and deletions).
> We'd like to contribute this patch back to the project, but we're not
> convinced that there aren't subtle correctness issues we're missing,
> judging both from comments in the code and the existence of
> CASSANDRA-5912, which suggests optimizing this kind of query is nontrivial.
> So: does this change sound safe to make, or are there corner cases we
> need to account for?  If there are corner cases, are there plausibly
> ways of addressing them at the SelectStatement level, or will we need to
> look deeper?
> Thanks,
> SK
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