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Re: Quartz resuming outdated trigger after becoming master


Afair quartz has a bunch of options you can use to configure how it
should take action on mis-fired jobs when starting up etc.
Its not trivial to find the right setup, but I suggest to look at the
documentation in both camel quartz and also quartz itself.
On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 11:08 AM Dennis Holunder <dennisholu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have 2 instances of the route which are using zookeeper to make sure
> that only one instance is doing the job at 11:15am. Yesterday
> instance1 started but not fully completed the job and today after the
> restart of instance1, instance2 became the master and resumed the job
> from yesterday. Is this expected behavior to resume outdated cron
> expressions? I thought it would compute the next run and not use the
> previous one.
> 2018-11-13 09:49:28,248 INFO  o.a.c.c.z.p.MasterRoutePolicy: Elected
> as master. Starting consumer:
> quartz2://job/all?cron=0+15+11+%3F+*+MON-FRI
> 2018-11-13 09:49:28,248 INFO  [pool-3-thread-1]
> o.a.c.c.q.QuartzEndpoint: Resuming trigger job.all
> 2018-11-13 09:49:28,250 INFO  [pool-3-thread-1]
> o.a.c.c.z.p.MasterRoutePolicy: Elected as master. Consumer started:
> quartz2://job/all?cron=0+15+11+%3F+*+MON-FRI
> 2018-11-13 09:49:28,259 INFO
> [DefaultQuartzScheduler-camel-1_Worker-4] leader-selection: Started
> route quartz2://job/all?cron=0+15+11+?+*+MON-FRI
> Kind regards,
> Den

Claus Ibsen
http://davsclaus.com @davsclaus
Camel in Action 2: https://www.manning.com/ibsen2