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Re: Creating a subscription between an AWS SNS Topic and an AWS SQS Queue

Actually it's not possible. Please raise a JIRA for an improvement in this area.

I think we'll have to resolve the problem of being able to subscribe, because in a single component we'll need to use two different client one for SNS and one for SQS.

Thanks for spotting this.

Andrea Cosentino 
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On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, 6:44:12 PM GMT+1, Adan Nunez <adan.nunez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I can see that it’s possible to create SNS topics and SQS Queues with Camel. But I am not able to see a way to create a subscription between an SNS topic and SQS Queue. Is there a way to accomplish this with Camel that I’m just missing?