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Re: soap inboud does not get soap outbound 's response

I think you can use the jetty or other component as a plain HTTP
engine to send the response back.
If you want CXF to do more work (such as provides WS-* work), you can
setup the route like you did.
I guess it may cause bay the message body is not set rightly for the

Willem Jiang

Twitter: willemjiang
Weibo: 姜宁willem

On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 11:14 PM Wang Yan <wyanbox@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have two routes in camel, route1 will send soap request to route2
> What I am expecting route1 will get reponse from route2
> But Altough route2 can send response (i see it in log ), but route1 could
> not get it.
> Any idea ? how to let route1 get response from route2?
> route1
> // SOAP_InBound -> XQuery(InBound-OutBound)->Soap_OutBound_Request
> from(SOAP_ENDPOINT_IN_URI + "&dataFormat=CXF_MESSAGE")
> .convertBodyTo(String.class)
> .to("xquery:createRequest.xq" )
> .to(SOAP_ENDPOINT_OUT_URI + "&dataFormat=MESSAGE");
> route2
> // Soap_OutBound->DummyResponse(OutBound->InBound)
> "&dataFormat=CXF_MESSAGE").convertBodyTo(String.class)
> .setBody(simple("resource:classpath:dummyResponse.xml"))
> .log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "#####  Response {body}  #####");