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Camel 2.21.1 and Hawtio


I am desperately trying to connect hawtio to my Camel workflow. Or is there a better solution to visualize my Camel workflow?
I've read following links:

> http://peter-on-java.blogspot.com/2014/05/using-hawito-to-monitor-apache-camel.html
> http://hawt.io/docs/plugins/
> https://vimeo.com/141917680

None of them helped me. All seem quite outdated. My understanding is the following:

1/ My Camel workflow is running and sending some JMX messages
2/ These messages are then caught by hawtio running, for instance, in another JVM with 'java -jar hawtio-app-2.1.0.jar'.

If I have to install the Camel plugin for hawtio, how should I proceed? Should I really follow the instructions given here?

> https://github.com/hawtio/hawtio-integration

Is that so complicate? No release to download and to somehow plug to the hawtio standalone app?
Or even better, an all-in-one jar?

Many thanks and cheers,