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Consumers stop working after some time

Hi, I'm using activemq(5.14.5) with camel(2.13.4) because I still need java 6. I have a queue and 15 consumers. The messages sent to them are request reply.

When I start the consumers, the messages are distributed one per consumer as soon as the messages arrive but, after some time, only one consumer receives the messages, the others stay idle and a lot of messages stay pending.

The consumers have this configuration:

The time spent to process each message can varies a lot because of our business rule so, I don´t know if activemq has some rule that manage slow consumers and redirect to only one that is more "efficient".

The behaviour that I was expecting is that all the messages that arrives, start to process until all the consumers are full, but it is not what is happening.

Anybody knows what is happening? 

Following is an image about what is happening:

If I restarte activemq, only one consumer is active.

Following is question in the stack overflow that has some comments...


Thanks in advance,