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[HEADS UP] Camel K is here!

Hi folks,
after some months of brainstorming with the community and a bit more than
one month of development, our Camel K project has reached a good level of
stability and I've published the first blog post about it yesterday.

For those of you who haven't heard of Camel K, it's now a subproject of
Apache Camel (https://github.com/apache/camel-k) with the target of
building a lightweight runtime for running integration code directly on
cloud platforms like Kubernetes and Openshift. It was inspired by
"serverless" principles and it will also target Knative shortly.

With the exception of the runtime code, that remains the good old Camel
Java framework with 200+ components and full of EIPs, most of the
"operator" code in Camel K is written in Go. But the new language has not
stopped many adventurer Camel developers that have actively contributed to
the project during last month. We still have a long way in front of us,
let's continue to make Camel great!

So, please.. check the project out! Spread it to the world!
And provide your feedback, so we can make it always better. We love any
kind of contribution!

Links follow..

Announcement: https://twitter.com/ni_ferraro/status/1051872786946363392
Article: https://www.nicolaferraro.me/2018/10/15/introducing-camel-k/
Home: https://github.com/apache/camel-k