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Antwort: RE: Antwort: CXF : setting maxChildElements on endpoint


I think you are right. 
But perhaps you can use your own (second) bus for some CXF-Enpoints, with 
its own configuration file (http://camel.apache.org/cxf.html --> bus, 
http://cxf.apache.org/docs/configuration-of-the-bus.html). But I have no 
practical knowledge. 

Wish you success, perhaps someone else can give you some helpful 

Von:    "Duchaine, David" <Duchaine.David@xxxxxxxxxxx>
An:     "users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum:  05.10.2018 12:34
Betreff:        RE: Antwort: CXF : setting maxChildElements on endpoint


Won't setting the property on the bus be effective for all endpoints in 
the Camel context? 

Reading the doc you reference, it says: Contextual properties which will 
be applied to all endpoints and clients using this bus

 Actually, I don't know how Camel manages all the CXF endpoints that are 
configured in the context. 

 Is there a shared bus for all routes using the CXF component. A bus per 



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