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RE: Cannot send files bigger then 256kb to service bus via amqps

I am new to camel framework so I cannot go deeper into the problem. Basicly what we are doing is sending messages to azure service bus queue and getting error when messages are bigger then 256kb.
The owner of service bus suggested that I should change configuration to something like this

<binding name="BasicHttpBinding " 

and since my project is in java and not .net i need to be able to change these values somewhere.

I also did some debugging of camel and I notice a property 
public void setMaxMessageSize(UnsignedLong maxMessageSize)
 org.apache.qpid.amqp_1_0.type.transport.Attach class
which is always being set to 262144.
I don't know where the value is coming from but my guess is that whats causing the problem.

I hope its more clear now.


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Can you be more specific about what is failing where?

We process over 100,000 multi-megabyte messages per day and have never hit this sort of an issue.

> On Jun 22, 2018, at 1:20 AM, Tunikov, Eugeniy <eugeniy.tunikov@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> We are routing messages to service bus. And getting error when trying to send messages bigger then 256kb.
> Error{condition=message-size-exceeded,description=The received message 
> (delivery-id:0, size:327565 bytes) exceeds the limit (262144 bytes) currently allowed on the link.} And also exception saying that link has been detached.
> Is this message soming from service bus or from camel framework? And how can I solve it?
> Thanks