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Re: Split with regex and group not working

Hi Rory,

  If I get it well the whole regex is inserted between lines while you were
expecting to insert only the matching part of the regex.
In that case, you are welcome to work on a fix or open a ticket.

  At Apache Camel, we love contributions ;)

Many thanks,

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 1:24 PM, Rory Gilfillan <rory.gilfillan@xxxxxxxxx>

> The following code doesn't work:
>            .split().tokenize("\n|\r\n", true, 100, true)
> It tries to reinsert the token between the lines without taking into
> account that the token is a regex string.
> The follow code in the GroupTokenIterator is the culprit:
>             // include token in between
>             if (data != null && count > 0 && token != null) {
>                 bos.write(token.getBytes());
>             }
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