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Re: Camel 2.21.1 HttpComponent

The registerExtension method is provided by camel-core.
Please check if you updated the camel-core jar at the same time.

As the major version upgrade could introduce internal API change. We don't
suggest user just upgrade the version of camel-component unless it's a
patch release, such as 2.19.4 -> 2.19.5.

Willem Jiang

Twitter: willemjiang
Weibo: 姜宁willem

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 5:24 AM, Binole, William J <
William.J.Binole@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We recently upgraded our camel libs to the latest version (2.21.1) and
> have found that we can no longer instantiate HttpComponent. This is due to
> the constructor calling the registerExetnsion method which we have yet to
> find in the source.
>     public HttpComponent(Class<? extends HttpEndpoint> endpointClass) {
>         super(endpointClass);
>         registerExtension(HttpComponentVerifierExtension::new);
>     }
> The above constructor fails with a no such method error on
> registerExtension. I dropped back to camel 2.19.5 and things work as that
> method is not being used. I would prefer to use the latest release 2.21.1
> but we have not been able to find a way around the problem with
> registerExtension. Since there does not appear to be any documentation
> around this any information on how to now instantiate HttpComponent would
> be appreciated.
> Bill
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