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query limit of 200 records in camel-salesforce

In the rest api salesforce documentation, the standard query function is
done so
/vXX.X/query/?q=*SOQL query*

According to the salesforce documentation, when there are larger queries
with more than 200 records the query function allows us to query the next
set of 200 records by querying so.
/vXX.X/query/*query identifier*

You can find more information on this topic over here:

however as i understand from the camel-salesforce library, this function is
currently not implemented with the version camel-salesforce v2.22.0.

My question is:-
Are you planning to implement this function for the future?
Is there any other method we can query more than 200 records from
salesforce from the camel-salesforce library?

Thank you for your reply.

Kind regards

Dicken George